End Notes
Our Firm Logo

Our Law Firm chose this unique photo of the Washington Monument as symbolic of our Firm’s mission and philosophy.  We believe that we are the first law firm to do so.

The Washington Monument stands at the west end of the National Mall in Washington, D.C.  It honors the legacy of George Washington, whose life was central to the foundation of the United States of America as a republic based on entrepreneurship and the rule of law.  

As a private entrepreneur, Washington helped to survey and develop vast, previously uncharted lands and other resources for the new country.  As a leader of the Continental Army during the American Revolution, he persuaded not only his soldiers but also the diverse, discordant state interests in the Continental Congress to unite behind the cause of freedom.  As the president of the Constitutional Convention, he oversaw the debate and legal drafting that created the Constitution of the United States.  As the first President of the United States, he fostered the practical development of the separation of powers of government; the protection of each citizen’s rights and liberties; and respect for diplomacy, reciprocity and international law as part of the new nation’s own system of laws and customs.  Perhaps more than any other action, Washington’s self-sacrificial example in upholding democracy and preventing a military coup during the Newburgh Affair on March 15, 1783 helped found the United States as a nation of laws.

The photo of the Washington Monument was taken by Rachel Chodera Monaghan in 2007 and presented to our Firm in 2009.  The original photo hangs in our Firm’s Columbus office, near the George Washington signature contained in our Firm’s collection of Presidential signatures.


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