Robert T. Robol

 (614) 636-2529

Areas of Interest:

Criminal Defense; Traffic Defense; Personal Injury; Entertainment Law; Firearm Law, Plaintiffs work in Civil Rights Violations

Practice Description:

Rob handles a diverse practice, including Criminal charges such as OVI/DUI, Aggravated Robbery, Attempted Murder, Menacing, and Possessing a Weapon Under Disability. He has worked on Personal Injury Cases ranging from simple Slip/Fall, to Car Accidents to Dog Bites and lectured on “What to do After a Self-Defense Shooting.”

Besides his work in law, Rob writes and produces films. A pilot he wrote was produced with Dick Van Dyke, Jim Turner, and Nick Richey. He was an Associate Producer for Tapped Out which featured Michael Biehn (Terminator), Martin Kove (Karate Kid), Anderson Silva and Lyoto Machida (two of the best fighters in MMA history).

Rob also wrote Gridlocked, an homage to the great action flicks of the 80’s featuring Danny Glover (Lethal Weapon), Stephen Lang (Avatar), Dominic Purcell (Prison Break), Trish Stratus (WWE Diva), and Vinnie Jones (Snatch). His goal is to produce features in and around Columbus and he is currently working on two screenplays for projects he feels could successfully be shot here.  

Favorite films: Gross Pointe Blank, Dear Zachary, Army of Darkness, Red Dawn, Tango and Cash, Big Trouble in Little China, Hot Fuzz, Girl Next Door, Midnight Run, Heathers, Last Boy Scout, Walking Tall, and Kuffs.  


Rob graduated from Ohio State’s Moritz College of Law in 2012 with his Juris Doctor as well as a Masters in Public Policy from the John Glenn School of Public Affairs. While at Moritz, Rob served as a representative on the Student Bar Association and co-chaired the Diversity Committee. He was awarded a Dean’s Innovation Leadership Scholarship, selected as a Moritz Ambassador, and served on the Executive Board on the distinguished Journal of Criminal Law.

Before law school, Rob attended film school at the University of Southern California where he hosted a movie review show. Every week, Rob and his co-host would head to press junkets or red-carpet premieres. Sophomore year, Rob’s bike was stolen. After a number of nights hidden in the bushes, Rob made his first citizen’s arrest. He has made another eight since then, of bike thieves, a hit-and-run, and a man who moved from Russia intending to kill Hilary Duff.

Rob spent a semester in China teaching English and exploring the countryside on a temperamental motorcycle he bought for $125. He saw what happens without the constitutional protections many Americans take for granted. Rob heard story after story of people falsely accused of crimes for political or other unjust reasons. Although Rob had been pro-prosecution most of his life -- especially while hunting bike thieves -- he returned stateside with a new desire to help defend those accused of crimes. He clerked for the Franklin County Public Defender’s Office and since passing the bar, Rob has represented a number of clients charged with crimes across the state.  

Rob sees no justifiable reason that every police officer does not carry a digital video camera as part of required equipment -- especially in criminal cases where the burden of proof is on the police and prosecution. Rob believes that almost anything an officer says -- without video evidence backing it up -- immediately establishes a reasonable doubt for the jury in favor of the defendant. Mr. Robol respects the work of police officers and believes that the vast majority of them are good people doing good work. Requiring cameras will let the public see the good cops in action and it will quickly get rid of the bad officers that use their positions to bully and intimidate rather than protect and serve. Until that day, if the police have violated your civil rights, please give Rob a call. If civil protests can't convince police departments to arm each officer with a camera, judgments against them in court will have to do.  

Bar Admissions:

Mr. Robol is a member of the Ohio State Bar, and is also admitted to practice in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Ohio.

Volunteer Activities:

Mr. Robol currently serves as the interim director for the Worthington Presbyterian High School Youth Program. He has volunteered with the Mid-Ohio Food Bank, Stafford Village, My Very Own Blanket, traveled to Montaña de Luz—a hospice for children with HIV/AIDS in Honduras, and drove 10,000 miles around America in twelve days -- raising over $23,000 for ALS Research.